Take care of your product

We want to make sure you get the most out of your Burger Jacket.

How to use the specially designed Burger Pockets®. 

  • There are eight different Burger Pockets in each Burger Jacket, which you can recognize easily by their silver fabric. There alre also two “regular” pockets in which you can put your hands, cozy in between two burgers if you like.
  • ALWAYS make sure to wrap your burger properly before putting it in a Burger Pocket, although the pockets are grease-resistant and easy cleanable you don’t want hot dripping sauce all over the place.  The pockets located on the inner side of the jacket and marked with the Burger Pocket® label are most suited to store burgers. Other smaller Burger Pockets can also be usefull to store your phone or other electronic devices to prevent them getting wet. 
  • Make sure you clean your silver Burger Pocket fabric after use with a clean dry cloth or towel.
  • Although the silver lining was chosen because of its hydrofobic and lipophobic nature, there’s always the risk of creating nasty stains with dirt etc. if you don’t treat your product with care. 
  • Disclaimer: We do not offer any warranty or compensation for damages, stains, injury or odors in or on the product due to incorrect or careless usage.

How to maintain your product

  • Please use common sense at all times when using The Burger Jacket as your way of transporting burgers.
  • To prevent stains and keep the hydrophobic properties of the shell layer, waxed cotton, of your Burger Jacket we advise you to reproof your product on a regular basis with the special Halley Stevensons garment reproofing spray, available here. If you have any trouble ordering you can always contact us.
  • Check your Product Folder for additional care instructions, or download it here.
  • If you have any questions regarding your product feel free to contact us at support@theburgerjacket.com