Our Story

Ice cold burgers

Picture this:
It's friday night and you've had some drinks at the local bar. You feel it's time to go home and your stomach is in desperate need of some food. You grab yourself a juicy burger, but once home you realise your burger is ice cold...

We knew this was an inmense problem in dire need of solving, so we answered the call. How hard could it be to develop a Jacket that keeps you ánd your burgers warm.

Challenge Accepted

Okay, challenge accepted.. But where do we go from here? It turned out to be a little harder we imagined, but even though we had no knowledge of the fashion industry we decided to face the challenge head on..

- Come up with a name.

- Try to draw a jacket...

- Google: "how to find a designer".

- Drink some beer to accelerate the creative process.

- Repeat last step.

- Find a designer.

The perfect fabric

According to our designer Paris is the best place to shop for fabrics...

- Off to Paris.

- Visit a huge fashion fair.

- No clue what we are looking for...

- Drink some beer to accelerate the creative process.

- Repeat last step.

- Find the perfect fabric.

Trip to Etretat

After a long wait the prototypes were finally ready. Man... warm burgers at last. Let's shoot some content, but where?

- Google: "Beautiful place Europe"

- Book a trip to Etretat, France.

- Drink some beer to accelerate the creative process.

- Repeat last step.

- Find out you can't fly a drone in wind speeds over 90km/h.

- Back to the drawing board...

Let's go to Sweden

Even though Etretat was no big succes, it tought us a lot of valuable lessons. We decided to keep our heads high and give it another shot. Let's go to Sweden!

- Shop duty free since Sweden is expensive.

- Rent a car and race to the arctic circle.

- Find out that 4 hours of sunlight is a pretty tight window.

- Drink some duty free beer to accelerate the creative process.

- Repeat last step.

- Shoot some epic footage.

Hard work pays off

So here we are. Three years of hard work, dedication and amazing stories have led up to this moment. The Burger Jacket has survived the most challenging conditions while keeping us and our burgers nice and warm.
With a passion-driven project like The Burger Jacket we prove that hard work pays off.
What started with a childish drawing of a winter jacket now became a high-end winter parka for you and your burgers.

Enjoy it like we do

Joost, the genius with the idea, works as a sales manager at an app developing company and calls himself the most epic man on the planet. He is responsible for the creative process, making websites and all kinds of graphic adventures! #teamred
Chris, studying Artificial Intelligence at Radboud University, is responsible for managing relationships with our suppliers and developers. He is also a real handyman and never turns down some burgers and beer. #teamblack
Henk, most people fear him, works as a dentist. Can't be missed in the team due to his experience with (cash) injections. He is always ready to push people beyond their limits and bossing people around is this guy’s second nature. #teamgreen

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