A winter jacket to keep you and your burgers warm.


The Product

What’s the difference between apples and oranges? The Burger Jacket is a revolutionary product combining food and fashion. Keeping you and your burgers warm in one or eight Burger Pockets®. A high-end affordable parka jacket.

It’s a passion driven product, available for the public, unlike many commercially developed products.

Burger Pockets® are special insulated pockets with anti-grease and waterproof fabric. You can store your burgers in one or eight Burger Pockets®.

These pockets are easy cleanable with a simple piece of paper or cloth. 

Yes. There are 2 regular pockets designed to keep your hands warm. We designed the Burger Jacket that way you can keep both of your hands warm between Burger Pockets®. Don’t store your burgers in these pockets, unless you have burgers instead of hands.

The Burger Jacket has eight Burger Pockets® in which you can store your favorite meal. 

The silver pocket fabric indicates the pocket is suitable as a burger container.

Not only do you look hot in a Burger Jacket, but the jacket is properly warm. As we have shown in our promotional video, you can easily wear it in arctic environments up to -30C°.

Combining a waxed cotton outer shell, 700cuin + premium goose down filling and a fortress of burgers in your pockets, you will survive for quite some time in case you wake up in an arctic cave. 

No kidding, for research purposes we tested other high-end parka brands  (€800+). The Burger Jacket performs similar or even better in terms of warmth.

You need all sizes, one for yourself, for your lady or man, kid and your obese uncle.

Just kidding. Check our size chart after calling uncle Charly and pick size accordingly.

First rule of fashion: Don’t think in boxes. We do not label The Burger Jacket as a men’s or women’s parka. Some women are more manly than men and visa versa. We reckon both men and women like burgers. If you’re unsure what size you need check out our size chart. 

Currently we do not offer sizes to fit the little ones. In the near future we will explore possibilities to design a jacket for kids. We love for them to enjoy their meals happy.


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