Frequently asked questions

The Product

Currenly you can only buy a Burger Jacket in our webshop.

What’s the difference between apples and oranges? The Burger Jacket is a revolutionary product combining food and fashion with eight Burger Pockets®. Keeping you ánd your burgers warm in a high-end affordable parka jacket.

It’s a passion driven product, available to the public, unlike many commercially developed products.

Burger Pockets® are special insulated pockets with anti-grease and waterproof fabric. You can store your burgers in eight Burger Pockets®.

Due to their lining they easy to clean with a simple piece of paper or cloth. For more information regarding cleaning or maintenance of The Burger Jacket please check out the Product care section.

Yes. There are 2 regular pockets designed to keep your hands warm. We designed the Burger Jacket in such a way that you can keep both of your hands warm inbetween Burger Pockets®. Don’t store your burgers in these pockets.

The Burger Jacket has eight Burger Pockets® in which you can store your favorite meal. 

The silver pocket fabric indicates the pocket is suitable as a burger container.

Not only do you look hot in a Burger Jacket, but the jacket is properly warm. As we have shown in our promotional video, you can easily wear it in arctic environments with temperatures as low as -30ºC.

Combining a waxed cotton outer shell, 700cuin + premium goose down filling and a fortress of burgers in your pockets, you will survive for quite some time if you wake up in an arctic cave. 

No kidding, for research purposes we tested other high-end parka brands  (€700+). The Burger Jacket performs similar or even better in terms of warmth.

You need all sizes, one for yourself, for your lady or man, kid and your obese uncle.

Just kidding. Check our size chart after calling uncle Charly and pick size accordingly.

The current model is designed as men’s parka, but we do not judge if you’re a woman in need. We reckon both men and women like burgers and we’d like everyone to be able to enjoy them out of a Burger Jacket. If you’re unsure what size you need check out our size chart. We are working on a female version. 

Currently we do not offer sizes to fit the little ones. In the near future we will explore possibilities to design a jacket for kids. We’d love it if they could enjoy their meals happily.

All of our jackets are fabricated in Poland. Whilst producing within the borders of the EU we can monitor the production process closely and lower our environmental impact by reducing transportation distance.

The cotton shell layer we use is produced by Halley Stevensons, the global leaders in waxed cotton.
Their cottons are sustainably sourced with long term industry partners and controlling organisations such as OCS (Organic Content Standard) and BCI (Better Cotton Initiative). They use processes that are gentle to the product and low impact to the environment.

For the filling we use 100% RDS certified white goose down. The Responsible Down Standard (RDS) safeguards the welfare of geese that provide down for our products. Certified by Control Union. 

For more information regarding sustainability feel free to contact us.

Product Care

For information regarding the cleaning of The Burger Jacket please check our product care page.

To make sure your Burger Jacket keeps  performing, it’s recommended that you reproof the shell layer on a regular basis with the Halley Stevensons atomiser spray. Please check our product care page.

A small amount of down may leak at early stages through seam lines. This is common in down garments. After shipment the down will be compressed and it will take a while for your Burger Jacket to “puff”up all the way. After the down has expanded to it’s original size the “leaking” will stop. Do not pull the down out of the seams. 


Currently we only ship to countries within the EU. For other countries please contact us to discuss your request.

If you created an account during check-out you can monitor the status of your order and check your postal adress.

Once your order is packed, you will receive an email with your track and trace link.  

If your order isn’t shipped yet you can alter the shipping address in the my account section if you created an account during check-out.

After your order has been shipped, we cannot change the shipping address. You can try to contact the shipping provider in order to change the delivery address.

We strive to processes all orders placed before 15:00 the same day  (during weekdays). The shipping time will vary from 1-3 work days in The Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. We are pretty impatient ourselves, so we’ll do everything we can to get you your Burger Jacket a.s.a.p.

For shipping times to other countries than the ones mentioned above,  please contact us.

We (currently) only ship within the borders of the EU, so no.

For specific orders outside of the EU you are responsible for additional taxes and delivery costs. We do not take responsibility for any of these fee’s or charges, nor the costs of returning the products in case you refuse delivery.

My Order

Most orders in the Netherlands are delivered the next day. In the meantime you can check out our instagram page.

Yes. If you created an account during the check-out process you can see the status of your order in the my account sections/orders.

If you need to cancel your order send us an e-mail at support@theburgerjacket.com

Yes you can change your address in the my account section if you created an account during check-out.
Otherwise you can mail support@theburgerjacket.com

Check-out the tracking link in the e-mail you received for the most actual status on your order. 

Return or Exchange

No matter the reason you may return the product to us within 14 days of arrival

Make sure to return the product in it’s original box.

  • Product is unused and in it’s original box
  • All tags are attached to the product.


If we received the product in good condition we will fully refund your order.

For returns check out our return-policy page for more information.


We guarantee the quality of our products. Every shipped product is checked for flaws before shipment, but we still offer two years warranty on all our products for manufactering defects. 

We think personal service is priceless to any customer. This is why we handle any warranty issue personally. If you experience any problems related to factory defects, please contact us at support@theburgerjacket.com.

Press contact & Partnership

Please find the contact form on our contact page or email us at press@theburgerjacket.com.


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